Our cow-calf ranch, The Glass White River Ranch, is located in Spur, Texas, and is home to Angus and Angus Hereford cross cattle that graze freely over our land. This acreage is divided into individual paddocks through which the cattle are mob grazed year-round.


This mob grazing style protects our land from over-grazing while supporting the natural behavior of the animals. As the cattle are rotated around the ranch, the land in unoccupied paddocks is able to heal and grow fresh, nutritious grass. 

Cow picture.jpg

       Our cattle are grass-fed and provided with free choice mineral which ensures the overall health of the animal throughout each season of the year. We closely monitor their pH in order to keep their mineral intake up to date with their current health needs.


In addition to this, all of our ranch employees have been educated in low-stress livestock handling so that, whether we are on horseback or in the pens, our cattle are stewarded in a respectful manner.