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our story

Our story begins with James Jefferson Lafayott Glass (1862-1947) on a small farm in the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains near Connelly Springs, North Carolina. J.L, as he was known to many, made a decision in 1883 that would set the course for generations after him.


Inspired by tales from his older brother, he left all that was comfortable and familiar to him and headed west to follow his dream of becoming a cowboy. After nearly 8 years of working for various ranches, J.L. was finally able to homestead his own piece of Texas. He settled down and began to build a life on the banks of Lacy Creek near the Sterling and Glasscock County line.


The pioneering spirit that J.L. possessed helped him endure many hardships during his life as a cowboy and rancher. Drought, war, and even death were not cause enough for J.L. and his family to forsake their lives in Texas. The family, having placed their faith in God Almighty, survived many difficult times through bent knees in prayer. This, along with their rough and calloused hands, proved that their resolve was steadfast in spite of the great opposition they faced. 


Five generations later, members of the Glass family are still living and ranching on the same land that was homesteaded by J.L. in the late 1800s. We have been blessed with opportunities to expand our range to include multiple ranches in various counties of west Texas. Even today, we are driven by the same pioneering spirit and trust in God as we navigate an ever-changing world. This ignites in us a determination to preserve the legacy of stewardship and perseverance that marked the generations before us.

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