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Renita Peptoboonsmal

Renita Peptoboonsmal

2020 sorrel filly

Kiehnes Topboonsmal x Zans Quick Bitsy

"Ren" is a two-year-old filly with sixty days of riding. She loads, stands tied, stands for baths and the farrier. This filly would be a great addition to a ranch broodmare band or continue her training to make her a riding horse. She is gentle, well-mannered, and does well around other horses.

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TGR Backwoodsbarbie

TGR Backwoodsbarbie

2021 gray filly

This Cats Golden x Diamonte Topboonsmal

"Dolly" is a halter-broken yearling filly. She catches, loads, and stands tied. She is spunky and very athletic with a beautiful, unique color. Even as a yearling, she has a great shape and will make an eye-catching mare.

TGR Backwoodsbarbie Papers
TGR Wizard of Boz

TGR Wizard of Boz

2021 buckskin stud colt

Billy Plano x YB Last Feather

"Boz" is a halter-broken yearling stud colt. He catches, loads, and stands tied. He has been turned out with ten ranch geldings for five months so he does very well around other horses. He is easy to be around and will make a big, stout ranch horse.

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