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The Glass Lacy Creek Ranch, home of our sheep division, is located in Sterling City, Texas, and consists of dorper cross hair sheep.

- We believe the form of an animal should follow the function of its environment -


The flock of sheep on the Glass Lacy Creek Ranch was originated in 2005 when Robert Glass purchased approximately 1,400 head of hair sheep from Neil Woodard near Independence Draw in far west Texas. The genetics of this original flock were a mix of katahdin, rambouillet, and royal white.

After the flock was purchased, it was moved to eastern Glasscock county to Lacy Creek Ranch and a breeding program began.



From the beginning, ewe lambs have been retained annually. At sixteen months of age, those with desirable traits were retained for breeding. To make room for these retained ewe lambs, the ranch instituted the annual sale of ewes three-and-a-half and four-and-a-half years old.


This targeted genetic refinement allowed for the development of a desired phenotype suited to demands of its environment and remains the foundation of our program to this day.  



A few years after establishing the breeding program, full blood dorper bucks were purchased from Wesley Glass at Wildcat Ranch and Phillip Glass at Half Circle Six Ranch to improve weaning and carcass weights. These bucks were then mated to the entire flock, producing a full F1 cross. 


The F1 females were retained as breeding stock and remated to the full blood dorper bucks producing an F2. This F2 cross now makes up the genetic mix of today’s flock.  

Today, the ranch raises its own replacement bucks selected from this closed flock of F2 genetics. 

The result of this genetic program is a hearty animal that makes a living in arid conditions and provides desirable carcass yields.  


Each year, lambing begins the first week of April, and weaning occurs in early July. 

We continue to offer proven three and four year old bucks at the end of March and three-and-a-half and four-and-a-half year old ewes in July after weaning. 

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